Social Enterprise

At Thai Plastic Recycle Group Co., Ltd. We give priority to sustainable development. Ethical principles in conjunction with the merger of socially conscious and environmentally. We also cater to the learning process. To create awareness of good conservation to children and youth. And to achieve the highest level of academic. This will lead to sustainable development.

By our business, we focus on.
  1. Be community learning center. To instill the youth and the community.
  2. Participation in environmental protection. In both local community and global environment.
  3. Educating for Sustainability. Guest receptive students and scholars are welcome to come and study.
This is an important mission and we intend to maintain and abide by. So that the business can be coupled to the sustainable development of the national workforce. Environmental protection And the development of science and technology to protect the environment.

Lessplastic Thailand
โครงการแยกขวดช่วยหมอ/ PET to PPE
Kid Rangers ปฏิบัติการเด็กช่างคิด
ตอนขวดน้ำพลาสติก (21 เม.ย. 61)

NBC Left Field
Why We’re Finally Raging Against Plastic

Bottles and drinking water plastic container are so close to use that we often overlook. Thai people use as much plastic bottles 4,000 million bottles per year. And we forgot to ask the question of "How much material plastic bottles are made of?".

One bottle of water takes three times the water in the bottles to produce. It took 400 years or more for a biodegradable plastic and compostable out. This is becoming an enormous amount of garbage in the ocean.

Do we have other choice to not create a burden on the world ...