Selling Recycled Plastics

PET Flakes Scrap, HDPE Flakes Scrap, LDPE Flakes Scrap, PP Flakes Scrap


Selling PET scraps: White, Blue, Green, Clear, Mixed and Brown. All process through the clear water, hot or cold with modern machinery. Products quality checks at every stage to get the best product. The manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly.

Selling crushed PET plastic bottles washed or not washed. There are also products HDPE Flakes Scrap, LDPE Flakes Scrap, PP Flakes Scrap.

For more information, please call +6681-647-5705 (for Chinese), +6681-616-4072 (for Thai).


High capacity With modern plastic production process.

We have modern machines used in plastics processing. The Processing capacity is sufficient to meet market demand. Sufficiently to the needs of all our business partners.

We also has team that specializes in service before and after the sale. Both make an informed decision ordering transportation warranty for maximum satisfaction for customers.