Buying Plastic Bottles for Recycle

Buying PET Bottles, PET Plastic

Buying Plastic and Bottles for Recycle

  • Buying unprocessed PET bottles. Color: White, Blue, Green, Brown.
  • Buying processed PET bottles. Cransed and washed.
  • Buying crashed PET bottles. Washed or unwash.
  • Buying crashed PET bottles. Label removed or not.
For more information, please call: +6681-616-4072 (for Thai), +6681-647-5705 (for Chinese)

Buying Unlimited Plastic for Recycle

We have high capacity to recycle plastic. We can buy a lots of plastic bottle for recycling. And put them through recycling process through advanced manufacturing processes and environmentally safe.

We also buying unlimited number of processed plastic, such as PET plastic bottle or a plastic PET.